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Concrete Floor Protector

F288 is an exceptional material to repairing and protecting concrete floor. It can apply for industrial flooring, basement, factory and parking lot, etc.

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Surface Defects

F288 is a material that once installed, can last for decades and is still used today because of its durability. Among its principal uses: industrial flooriing, warehouse flooring , and decorative flooring.



Repair Damaged Floor

F288 is a suitable material for finishing a industrial flooring and repairing failed Epoxy coating. The concrete surface can be industrial and cold, as well as traditional and warm. The truth is that we can safely say that concrete offers a multitude of possibilities.








F288 is a material that adapts according to needs. Concrete types vary and have different characteristics and qualities, depending on the quantities and types of aggregate materials. The possibilities are many, which allows its use in each particular case. It can apply for industrial flooring, basement, factory and parking lot, etc.

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F288 is economical material for repairing and restoring
damaged floor surface.The best options in industrial flooring.










Against abrashion and external force.
Excellent adhesion with concrete.It is commonly used in the construction of roads, in the design of parking lots, industrial flooring and in general in floors that do not require many features.










F288 is a revolutionary building material product used in repairing and protecting concrete floors. It is known to be durable and able to withstand constant pressure.