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Anti-Rust & Thermal Insulation Paint

Different from ceramic coating. M168 has excellent performance to anti-rust, heat-resistant and waterproof, once applied on corrugated roof, especially for industrial factory roof, warehouse, farm, etc. For old corrugated roof surface which existing corrosion, M168 also can be used to repair and increase the resistance of corrosion.

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Extend Metal Roof Effective Duration

The thermal insulation paint, M168, which Naso Silica-Mid-Cell inside, not only creates a tightly packed dried film to reflect heat radiation (>94%), also prevent from further corrosion.

Nano Silica-Mid-Cell Reaction

M168, for heat insulation, works by Naso Silica-Mid-Cell barrier to reflect heat radiation Naso Silica-Mid-Cell coating is very different from ceramic coating.Our product, M168, the thickness only 60 micron, also creates a smooth and self-cleaning surface to extend the lifetime of metal roof for over 10 years.


Nano Silica-Mid-Cell Reaction




Ceramic Coating

   Dosage (kg/m2)



   Thickness (micron)



   Dropping Degree  (℃)

> 12


   Durability (year)

 > 10


   Finished Surface


















M168 is designed not only to keep the building from the heat, but also reflect it.



The Nano coating barrier reflects up to 90% of the heat back to the source, cool down the temperature indoors. And excellent adhesion with metal sheet, quick-setting, easy application with roller or spray.



M168, not only can apply on new corrugated roof, even can be used to repair old metal sheet, with brush, roller or spray.

M168 is the most economical heat-insulation paint to reduce metal sheet surface temperature more than 12 °C.



M168 is a water-based formula with Nano-silica. It creates a tightly packed dried film with minimal paths for heat transfer, and resulting in extremely efficient thermal barrier.

It designed to be durable and flexible. Allows moisture vapors from within the structure to evaporate and escape out through the membrane while preventing water from entering through the dried film surface when applied on flat roofs the product will hold ponding water, seal and fill the cracks.